Save on oil and on maintenance!

Carefuel is a web-based fleet and transportation management software. Oil price/consumption, timesheets and delivery data is sent by cellular phone by the drivers every day to the CAREFUEL Internet server. We have estimated that Carefuel can reduce company expenses by 10%.

Carefuel offers the following services:

Daily oil/odometer updates trigger maintenance alerts to drivers and to the company management by Email and mobile phone. Maintenance records add value to vehicles and make resale easier. It also provides added value to the auto service centers.

Provides incentives to the drivers to use less oil and to buy cheaper, and helps preventing frauds.

Real time reporting provides better billing, optimize deliveries, controls overtime, and helps preventing frauds.

Real time delivery, pickup information and distances provide better billing, planning and optimize deliveries.

Real time Profits Dashboard and activity reports


Save on fuel

Save on fuel Our service checks the price of oil, and the consumption for each driver for each car/truck. Consumption is entered on your mobile phone, total price calculated and sent to the database.

Save on Driver's time Each driving period can be sent at the touch of a mobile on the road with the vehicle, driver, starting time and ending time.

Save on organization Deliveries are sent by the mobile. The system can be configured for any type of delivery.

Save on vehicle maintenance Each service is entered on the web with billings and the types of services.

Notifications of repair and maintenance Notifications for repairs are sent to the mobile phones.

Records archival Keeping all vehicle's records in a safe place will help keeping your assets values

Lowest gas prices Get the current lowest prices at the pumps.



Keep track of oil cost by pump, driver, vehicle with partial distance, instantaneous consumption and average consumption


Save on fuel

Keep track of oil cost by pump, driver, vehicle with partial distance, instantaneous consumption and average consumption


Consumption records can be found by vehicle, driver and for any period of time.


Enter easily data if it cannot be done with your mobile phone.



Save on driver's time

Driver's schedules can be used for billing and human resources purposes.



Deliveries and pickups are sent real time by mobile phone.


Services management

All services are recorded by your garage or yourself. Future services are notified before time limit and odometer limit.


Lowest Gas Price

Find the lowest gas price in your area.